Baikal Ice Golf Tournament 24-25 MARCH 2018

The International Ice Golf Tournament on the stunning ice of the world's largest freshwater lake!

The world's most audacious golfers will try their luck on the frozen surface of Lake Baikal. The tournament is part of the build-up to the World Ice Golf Cup that will be held at Lake Baikal in 2020.
About the tournament
Unforgettable adventure at one of the planet's most spectacular places! Bright sunshine in March!
Baikal ICE-Golf
The popular game will be largely familiar apart from the fact that the ball is not white and the green is not green. The golfers will compete at one of the most amazing places on the planet, world-renowned for its powerful energy .
Comfortable conditions for the game
The dates of the event, March 24-25, can bring daytime air temperature as high as pus 10 degrees Celsius and glorious blue sky overhead .
Unique Siberian flavor
Tea from a steaming «samovar», a breathtaking view of Lake Baikal, gourmet treats and traditional Siberian dishes.
Combine golf with memorable adventure tourism

You'll have a chance to taste famous Baikal fish and traditional dishes of Buryats, an aboriginal Asian people living in the Baikal area;stay overnight at "the yurt'– Buryats' portable home on the Baikal ice, or enjoy an exciting trip to the Baikal Mountains.
The international rules of golf are applied with some variations to account for the conditions
The R&A Rules, Local Rules and the Conditions of Competition will be applied. Should players be doubtful as to the correct procedure in a situation, the chief referee will advise them about the Local Rules.
Individual and team competitions

The Tournament is a 36 hole-stroke competition played over 2 days – 18 holes are played on March, 24th and 18 holes – on March, 25th.

The golfers will have an opportunity to acclimatize to weather conditions and get used to the layout of the course on March, 23rd.

The distance of a golf course which is laid out afresh every year on the Baikal ice is up to 2 000 meters.

Stroke Play format

The longest drive and the closest to the pin contests will be held after the tournament.
Video announcement of
qualify for the
World ICE Golf Cup 2020
24-25 of March, 2018
The tournament is open to anyone with a handicap of up to 36
The participants are golfers from all over the world who enjoy challenging golf and are looking for the ultimate game.
The tournament draws the people who crave for new discoveries, unique impressions and exciting adventures.

For the first time ever, beginning golfers without handicaps can participate in a special SNAG (Starting New at Golf) ice golf tournament that will be held on Lake Baikal on the same dates.
Closest to the pin contests are traditionally held for kids older than 3.

Alexander Kochetkov
Director of Russian Golf Association
A participant in the First Qualifier for the World Ice Golf Cup held in 2017
«I'd heard a lot about this competition and this time I've decided to attend, to play in the tournament and to see for myself what it's like to play golf on ice and snow. You have to use a completely different playing strategy compared to traditional golf. But it's really amazing! Next year I would be happy to come here again, because I love it!»
Greate weather
Average daytime air temperatures at the lake can reach +10 degrees Celsius in March
Comfort and Pleasure
We have a variety of participation packages that will suit all your needs
Easy to travel
There are several flights a day between Moscow and Irkutsk, which is 60 km from the lake
The unique camaraderie of your fellow competitors and great fun
Baikal ICE Golf is not just a tournament. It's an adventure you will never forget!
«Playing golf on the snowy and icy surface of the lake feels completely different from playing standard golf, because it is very unpredictable. It is not a typical game of golf, it is very unusual, and it is something new and cool to us. It's really difficult to make a good swing or to hit a good shot on this slippery surface. It was hard, but we were happy when we had completed the last hole. We've had a lot of fun.We shall return next year and we shall take part in the tournament!»

A participant in the First Qualifier for the World Ice Golf Cup held in 2017, St. Petersburg, Russia
We've been hosting ice golf tournaments at Lake Baikal for more than 10 years
The tournament has its own traditions and well-known for its warm atmosphere of hospitality and camaraderie.
Playing golf on ice and snow is much more challenging than playing on green grass, so this new experience will help you to improve your game of golf.

The specific conditions of the course laid out on the Baikal ice call for a different strategy and imagination. So participating in the Baikal Ice Golf tournament will boost your creativity on the golf course.

The winner of the Baikal Ice Golf 2018 will qualify for the World ICE Golf Cup at Baikal.
Interview of Mr. Kochetkov, Director of The Russian Golf Association
A participant in the First Qualifier for the World Ice Golf Cup held in in 2017

Yury Milvit
The mastermind and founder of the Baikal Ice Golf project, Golf Director of the World Ice Golf Cup 2020
«Dear friends! We invite you to Russia to take part in the world-level golf event – World Ice Golf Cup at Lake Baikal! Lake Baikal is a very special playground which makes this tournament a unique experience for any golfer. My mission as an organizer is to hold a competition up to the highest international standards. And our common goal is to play our best golf!»
How to participate in the Baikal ICE Golf 2018?
Find out more about the tournament

You can either visit our website or contact the Organizers for further details and enquiries (via the Contacts section).
Choose your form of participation in the tournament
Depending on your golf skill level, you can choose either a golf tournament or a SNAG tournament, or you can attend the event as a guest.
Choose your participation package

In the Participation Packages section you'll find several options for a fantastic vacation at Lake Baikal.The event gives you a chance not only to play golf in a beautiful setting but also to have a great time getting an overview of the traditional life style in Siberia
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Schedule of
the Second Qualifier for
the World Ice Golf Cup 2020
Information on the cost of participation in Baikal ICE-Golf tournament held on 24th-25th March, 2018
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Preliminary registration for the tournament is required. The number of participants is limited.
«We have realized that Baikal Ice Golf should not be just a conservative sport event. We try our best to create conditions for our guests to have a great time with fellow golfers, to compete for the prizes and to enjoy a very special atmosphere of the winter feast at Lake Baikal.»

Pavel Muphtakhin

Director of the Baikal Ice Golf 2018 Organizing Committee,
Managing Director of Baikal Business Travel

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Partners and Organizers
of the Second Qualifier for the World Ice Golf Cup 2020
24-25 of March 2018

If further registration information is required, please contact
The Organizing Committee of the World ICE Golf Cup 2020 at Lake Baikal:

Phone number: +7 (3952) 43-09-40, +7 (902) 768-20-65

Forfurther information on the SNAG tournament, please contact:
GOLF CONSULS Youth program
Phone number:
+7 (925) 545-74-53
Lake Baikal, Irkutsk Region, Russia
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